Arts Mentorship Program is Now Accepting Applications

A Great Learning Opportunity for Creative Students

Being a grandparent is the best job in the world.

As a parent, I was busy making sure the kids had a roof over their head, food to eat and that they were growing up to be good people. Providing the necessities of life consumed almost all of my time.  As a grandparent, I now have more time to support them in ways their busy parents might not easily manage.

For instance, an average week at our house could include a call from our 17 year old grandson, “Grandma, will you bring a butter knife to the high school parking lot?  I locked myself out of my pickup.”  Or from a frantic parent, “Can you run Alyssa’s skating equipment to her at school?  I forgot to give it to her this morning and I can’t get away from work.”  I have also helped with school assignments that included being interviewed about what it was like to not have computer.

Grandpa and I love doing these things.  After each of these mercy missions, my husband and I joke that, once again, we proved our “grandparent relevancy”.

As a grandparent, another thing I can do is keep my eyes open for opportunities that can enrich the lives of my grandkids.  I find this especially important as they grow older and enter middle school or high school.   We are blessed that our grandkids are interested in a variety of activities.  Finding options for the sports-oriented kids are fairly easy.  We are happy to help out, making sure the grandkids have access to football camps, Boy Scouts, summer baseball and softball.  What is not so easy, is finding opportunities for the creative kids that are interested in the arts.

If you have artistic grandkids that you want to help, you need to know about the LRAC’s Arts Mentorship Program

This unique grant opportunity is for students in grades 9-11, living in Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin Counties.  Mentorships, valued at $600 each, provide the student with 15 hours of study with a professional artist, or attendance at a workshop in the student’s chosen arts discipline (such as dance, theatre, painting, etc.).  Study occurs over the summer months and culminates with a showcase event.

Picture show a grandfather with his granddaughter. She is a gifted student.

Please let your grandkids know about this great program.  Lake Region Arts Council is now taking applications for the 2019 Arts Mentorship Program.  Deadline to apply is January 23, 2019.  Students may apply online at: or call Rebecca Davis, Arts Mentorship Coordinator, at 218-739-5780.

I hope knowing about the Arts Mentorship Program helps you score another “grandparent relevancy” point with your family.  Enjoy those grandkids.  As you know, they grow up way too fast!