New This Year: Starting July 1, 2019, All LRAC grant application deadlines will be at 5:00 pm.

IMPORTANT: Start working on your grant early, at least 5 weeks in advance of the deadline. Half of the grants submitted on deadline are disqualified for errors or omissions.

Grants submitted before deadlines are reviewed by LRAC staff; if omissions or errors are noticed, you may correct them. Grants submitted on deadline will not be reviewed by staff. These grants will be submitted for review "as is."

For this year’s Grant Deadlines, check out the Grant Calendar with the Grant Writing Workshop dates, Deadline dates, and Grant Review dates. Click on the Grant Deadline link to the left or the link below.

First-time applicants should plan to attend a grant writing workshop, held 5 weeks prior to the grant deadline. LRAC staff will explain the grant guidelines and application questions; we want to help you write the best application possible.

The grant writing workshops will be offered in person or live on line.  After the grant writing workshop date, the grant writing webinar will be made available on the Tip Sheets and Webinars Page. 

Grant Writing Tips Sheets are another tool to help you write a successful grant application.  Tip Sheets are available by clicking on the link to the left or the link below.